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Delivery: Bringing Christmas Right to Your Doorstep

Looking for a hassle-free Christmas tree experience? From the farm to your living room or office, we provide a comprehensive delivery service that takes care of everything.

Delivery 7 days a week in Melbourne
All Christmas trees are freshly harvested only on the day of delivery by the farmer himself
and Netted for protection

Our Service:

  • Available Daily: We deliver across Melbourne 7 days a week.
  • Freshness Guaranteed: Trees are freshly harvested on the day of delivery by our expert farmer, then netted for safe transport.
  • Wider Reach: Delivery is available for most Melbourne Metro areas. For distant areas, a nominal extra fee may apply due to extended travel.

How it works:: 

  1. Book in Advance: Schedule your delivery and harvesting at least 24 hours prior on our website.
  2. Select Your Tree: Choose from our range.
  3. Pick the Perfect Size: The most popular size is the 6 footer.
  4. Stand Check: If you already have a stand, great! If not, you can add one to your order.
  5. Installation Option: Opt for our tree installation service in your home or office (details in the next tab).
  6. Post-Christmas Collection: Select this option for hassle-free removal (details in the next tab).
  7. Special Instructions: Leave any specific delivery instructions at checkout, like gate codes or preferred entry points.

Click & Collect

Click & Collect

Do you usually go to the farm to collect your own Christmas tree and this year you don’t want to because of social distancing or time ristrain ?

We’ve introduced Click & Collect where you are able to purchase your favourite Christmas tree through the website and collect it just by driving through the farms Pickup point, similar to a drive through of McDonalds.

Pickup (click & collect) available after 11am daily 
Bring proof of purchase 


  1. Choose your favourite Christmas tree and select the size. 
  2. Decide which day you will come to the farm for pickup (click & collect). 
  3. The farmer will carefully choose your favourite Christmas tree and harvest the Christmas tree in the in the morning. 
  4. Come to the farm to collect your freshly harvested Christmas tree on you chosen day between 11am and 8pm.
  5. You will see a sign, “Pick up your Christmas tree here”. 
  6. Present your invoice at the pickup point, proof of purchase.
  7. Load your favourite Christmas tree into/onto your vehicle making sure you strap and secure it correctly. 
  8. Drive safely giving way to pedestrians.
  9. When you arrive home, please remember to shave off a couple of centimeters of the trunk and place the Christmas tree into water. This will keep your Christmas tree fresh for longer.

Important Notes: 

  1. Click & Collect has to be booked a minimum of 24 hours prior to pick up. 
  2. Please make sure you have a suitable vehicle to transport your favourite Christmas tree. 
  3. If the Christmas tree will be strapped on roof racks or trailers, please bring proper straps to secure your Christmas tree. 
  4. In the instance you will not be able to fit your Christmas into the vehicle, we can offer delivery the following day (extra charges apply), based on availability. 
  5. Bring proof of purchase. 
  6. Enjoy the experience.



To put a Christmas tree into a stand can be tricky at times, it requires some basic skills to put it into a Christmas tree stand. When we have never done it before or don’t have too much experience or just need that extra hand to help out, we provide this service.

Professionally installed Christmas tree into a stand
Driver will call you 30 mins prior to arrival 
Carry the tree inside for you
Remember to always add water to the stand daily

Have you forgotten to add installation with your Christmas tree delivery? 

Christmas trees come in different shapes and sizes as that is how nature made them. Being unique in every way.

To put a Christmas tree into a stand requires a little practice and patience. Our drivers are professionally trained to install a Christmas tree into stands and have ample of experience by installing Christmas trees in their day jobs. 

How to install a Christmas tree into a stand: 

  1. We recommend shaving a small section of the trunk to remove any sap from the tree. This will allow the Christmas tree to drink water freely. 
  2. Stand the tree upright and ideally have a second person looking from a metre or two and say when the tip of the tree is straight, ignoring the angle of the trunk. 
  3. Once the tip of the Christmas tree is straight, have the second person tighten the bolts on the Christmas tree stand. 
  4. Check once more you are happy with the angle of the Christmas tree and do a little tip over test, making sure the centre of mass is in the middle. 
  5. Double tighten the bolts and add water into the stand.

There are other ways to install a Christmas tree, each method has its unique advantage. 

For larger trees installation tip: 

  1. Have two or more people assisting. 
  2. Lay the tree flat on it’s side 
  3. Place the Christmas tree stand at the trunk and with slight judgment, place the stand over the trunk and tighten the bolt. 
  4. Stand the tree up right and check if it is straight and the centre of mass is in the centre. 
  5. Adjust the bolts while the stand is upright if needed. 
  6. If needed, place the Christmas tree on the side again and repeat the process, adjusting the stand angle. 



We love Christmas and we love our Christmas trees. Often we don’t know what to do with the Christmas tree past Christmas. We want to prepare for the New Year celebration and start a new year fresh with new stronger ambitions. 

This is where we want to provide you this extra service to collect your used Christmas tree. 

Leave your used Christmas tree on the nature strip/driveway or let us know where it will be located
Please check your suburb for the collection date
We will recycle the used Christmas tree by putting it back into the ground
Our collection timetable is in early January, from the 04th January to the 11th January. 

Our collection timetable is in early January, usually from the 04th January to the 10th January. 

Collection Option: 

  • Collect during the collection timetable
  • Collect prior to the 24th December, ideal for offices when everyone goes on holidays
  • Collect the Christmas tree at your desired date. Please be aware that this is based on our availability. 


  1. Make sure you have booked a Christmas tree collection with us
  2. Check your collection date with our timetable and record this in your calendar. 
  3. Leave your Christmas tree on the nature strip/driveway ideally the day before as we may collect really early in the morning, before sunrise. 
  4. Leave us a review for good service.

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